To Love You: Poetry: AfterDark

When I look into your eyes
I will melt
And I will smile
And if my heart has not fainted
It will beat
And you will see
What it looks like to be in love with you
You will see stars in my eyes
Hear excitement in my voice
Passion in my breath
Feel the goosebumps on my flesh
Hear the music of blood rushing through my veins
The movement of my lips
Saying your name
And you will know
How it feels
To be in the arms
Of someone
Who loves you more
Than any person has ever been loved

look at me loving you

My Heart, It Still Beats: Poetry: DirtyDazz

My Heart,

It Still Beats,

As I Pick It Off The Floor.

Putting Back

The Broken Piece,

Dusting Off

What Is No More.


A Gentle Warmth

Begins Filling My Soul,

As I place It Back In

To Its Fragile Hold.


My Heart,

It Still Beats,

And Lets Out A Mighty Roar,

I Am Free,

I Am Me

And We Shall Love Life, Even More.

-DirtyDazz 2/08/2014

my heart it still beats

My Last Goodbye – Poetry – Broken Love.

I close my eyes. I see your face,
with every bit I can retrace.
Days together, days apart,
Days that took this broken heart.
Now I’m blind, you took my eyes,
eyes of my heart; you said goodbye.

I sit alone this empty night,
broken, don’t know what’s right.
Footprints you’ve left as you walked out of my heart,
I’m terrified, confused; now falling apart.

Days turned black to blue,
hours and hours I thought of you.
I cry in this lonely room,
“Baby, please come home soon”
Where your eyes will shine,
home, where you’ll say you’re mine.
For now I let the tears that fall,
my heart, my mind, you have it all.

The darkness, the cold, wishing you’re here,
gives me shelter, tho false from all the tears.
I sit across this ticking clock,
ticking slowly as thunder struck.
The silence of Hell,
but where’s my soul to sell?
All that’s left are the tears that stream,
and nothing but a broken dream.

Here I lay, closed my eyes, an angel cried,
As I give up,
on you,
on us,
on this love that died;
It’s here I give you, my last goodbye.


saying goodbye

What You See Vs What I See: Goodbye Fool

Don’t be fooled by words un-spun by a delusional fool who fell on their bum

The rants and raves are all within, the mind of the broken on a war they can’t win.

I’ve sat here and watched as the fires dwindle down, locked in disbelief in the words that I found.

I am bigger and better than you could ever see, and I’ve learned to love life, my friends and love me.

– DirtyDazz 18/08/2014


good riddence to you


I Hate You

I hate you

I hate you, so much

I hate you, for the way you held me,  and loved me with your touch

I hate you, for showing me I was worth something even when I wasn’t much

I hate you, for the beauty you posses inside

I hate you, for bringing out the little boy I used to hide

I hate you, for loving me.

I hate you so much, can’t you see…

But, I hate you the most of all,

because I can’t stop loving you,

not now,

not ever,

no, not at all.

-DirtyDazz 31/07/2014



Message Recieved Loud and Clear. I’m Done.

And so are you.

Maybe now you’ll understand…


don’t listen
to what i have to say
to you

sweep the trouble
of my words
under the rug

pretend you don’t see
the misery i live

and you won’t have
to deal with it

if you hope for
the day
where the happiness

but don’t
do a thing
to help it come back

then sooner or later
you’ll finally see

what you meant to me

but you won’t understand
’til i’m gone


lynn paden- Lynn Paden
poet, writer. library worker,
lifelong learner and a great friend of mine.


To You – Poetry – Lynn Paden

write one more
sad poem about me

and see

jot down another word
that describes me

and see

look with sadness
at each post i fake

think of all the
mess you make

and see

what becomes of me
when you think i care

just see

that the troubles you
think i’m supposed to believe

won’t make me grieve

any more than i grieve myself


lynn paden- Lynn Paden
poet, writer. library worker,
lifelong learner and a great friend of mine.