New Years Resolutions 2013 – What a load of crock

As another year passes us by, we tend to reflect back on what we’ve¬†achieved¬†over the past 12 months. Some of you may even remember what your last years resolution was, but I bet a lot of you don’t ūüėõ ..

I stopped making new years¬†resolutions¬†a long long time ago. It just seemed pointless. We generally resolute that we’re going to better a part of our lives, or self being, but we rarely complete it, because it’s obviously something we don’t like or want to do, otherwise why would we be making these false deals with ourselves. It’s all a matter of wanting to do something, not having to do something you dislike.

Don’t get me wrong, there are always the exceptions, but not too many new years resolutions get completed. There for, I¬†conclude¬†it to be a load of¬†crock.

If you do insist on making a new years resolution, then think about something you would enjoy doing and something within reason and you may actually fulfil your promises.

Anyway, have a fantastic new year guys, get drunk if you must, love your fellow-man and stay safe!

happy new year 2013

happy new year 2013

Happy New Year 2013!



Roofus The Rainbow Lorikeet – 8 Weeks Old

Roofus is now 8 weeks old, is flying around us and enjoying life….. I think.

We bought him.. or we now think “her” a little stuffed toy a couple of weeks ago and Roofus fell in love straight away, he/she was fluffing up and smooching it big time. Then a couple of days of we would hear her wings fluttering in her box, so we inspected, she was trying to coax her new little friend into bed.. and I don’t mean to sleep. lol. When going down for a sleep we often play a little before hand, wrestling and tickling just clowning around, but more recent she’s been going into what I think is a¬†submissive position with her back arched and bum in the air… ¬†randy little bugger..

She’s legal to fly, 8 weeks being the fledging age of rainbow lorikeets. So I’m now at the decision whether to let her fly free and hope she comes back or be selfish and keep her locked up… She hears the rainbow’s calling outside which gets her excited, it’s such a hard call.

Here’s a couple of updated pics taken earlier today.

roofus-8weeksold1small roofus-8weeksold3

Here's roofus enjoying a rose.

Here’s roofus enjoying a rose.


Hey if you’re interested, we’ve opened a new website dedicated this this story and our 2013 pair of baby lorikeets.

The Moon in Melbourne Australia 8pm 22-12-2012

I had been pottering around outside and noticed the moon so clear you can see it like it’s in 3D. ¬†I’ve never seen it so clear before now, in such detail to the naked eye. My camera isn’t the best, but it show’s the spherical¬†shape of the moon. Where’s normally (well, to me) it just looks flat. The detail in these images have not been altered at all, This is how the moon looked to the naked eye.

I was outside and noticed the moon looking more clear than ever before, so I took a couple of photots.

I was outside and noticed the moon looking more clear than ever before, so I took a couple of photots.



Merry Christmas and a Safe ‘n’ Happy New Year for 2013

Well, I guess I best get in the festive mood, though I really can’t be bothered with¬†Christmas. I will go along with the¬†celebrations¬†so I don’t ruin it for others, but honestly it’s just not¬†Christmas¬†without seeing my¬†children’s¬†faces first thing in the morning.. It’s been a bitter day for me for 10 years plus..

Anyway, enough with the dun-drums.

I want to wish everyone a merry¬†Christmas, happy holidays or what ever it is you’re¬†celebrating¬†or not. More importantly stay safe this holiday season!¬†Just remember, everyone is a mother, brother, sister or father in some way or another, please be kind to your fellow man and peace to all.

Here’s a little something to get the mood rolling.. I remember watching this as a youngster way back when.. 30’ish years aago now .lol. shiiit hey, enjoy..



Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under The Sea! err, I meant unique site visitors

That’s right, reached 20k (recorded) visits thus far, and I say¬†record¬†visits because I had not saved any records for the first 2-3 months. Either way, I think it’s doing well for a none topic specific website.

I’ve noticed my search ranking going up and down a lot over the last month, it actually dropped around 5k world wide ranking over the last 2-3 weeks due to not making any¬†blog¬†entries, it just goes to show if you want an active site, you need to be active on it yourself. One thing I like about using¬†WordPress¬†is the great ad-ons you can use with it, such as the JetPack ad-on by It not only gives you great stats, but also does not count me when I’m logged in, which is all the time. So I know the visitors are unique.

Anyways, that’s it for now.

Have a merry xmas all.


Time flies when you’re having fun

Well time has sure flown, but I seemed to have missed out on the fun part, oh well.

I’ve been pretty busy this last couple of weeks with Roofus, building him a bird house out of¬†recycled¬†wood I found, then I built another birdhouse in hopes his parents will like it a little more than our roof and make it home. Speaking of his parents, they did a runner around 5 days ago now and have not come back, hope they’re ok.

I’ve noticed over the last week I’ve been slipping into a deep depression again, I’m not sure if it’s my broken sleep or it’s just that time for me, I’ve stopped eating meals again, I haven;t cooked for around a month now. It all takes it’s toll on your mind and body. I know inside that I need to eat healthy to keep a healthy mind, but it just doesn’t work that way, it’s a¬†viscous¬†cycle that’s hard to get out of once it starts. All it takes for me is broken sleep to start it off. Next day I can;t eat, following day I’m low on energy and it just worsens from there. I’m sure there’s many out there that understand what I mean.

Another issue I’m having at the moment is my Doctors have decided to start charging $70 per visit, What the F? I can’t barely afford medication when I need it let alone a doctors bill to boot. SO I’ve stopped seeing my Doctor due to that reason. I can not afford it. SO here I am left to work things out alone again. I’m really hating the Australian Health system..

On a positive note… ummm……. ¬†can’t seem to think of anything…..

Bah Humbug..



Roofus the Rainbow Lorikeet – Has A New Home.

I figured if Roofus is going to hang around, he’s going to need a “home”. So I built one for him today out of an old bedside draw and a door from a wardrobe that someone discarded (I’m all for recycling wood).

I read up on some designs and found the basic measurements Rainbow Lorikeets prefer. They basically range from 150x150x250 up to 250x250x500.

I meant to do a before and after photo of the draws, but oh-well, I forgot. heh.

Anyway, here’s Roofus sitting on his¬†perch. He absolutely loves it! Great timing too, his parents did not return tonight. That’s very odd, they’ve been so reliable for the past 6 weeks.

Roofus's New Home

Roofus’s New Home

Roofus's New Home

Roofus’s New Home

Roofus the Rainbow Lorikeet – 6 weeks old eating grapes

Roofus has come a long way since we first met him as an egg. He’s now¬†officially¬†6 weeks old!.

He’s starting to show his personality to us and let me tell you, he’s a larrakin for sure. He’s really starting to chatter a lot and boy, talk about sleep talking, or is that squawking. lol. He’s a¬†character you can’t help but love..

Here’s a couple of quick pics of him doing what he does..

*Edit. I’ve since opened up a new website for the rainbow lorikeets





Hello stranger, it’s been awhile.

I can’t believe 2 weeks have passed without me making a post. I think I was a little down with the lack of support for Movember. But I’m past that now. I did well for myself, even if only a small handful believed in me. Thanks Mum, Laicie and my cuzzy wuzzy who wishes to not use¬†Christian¬†names. lol.

I’ve done a lot more soul-searching over the last week.. I keep coming to the conclusion that I’m so down on myself because I’ve done what my father did. Failed my children. It’s so mind bending just trying to come to terms with it. I think the problem is I can’t accept it inside. I hated my father for leaving, I hated him even more for not staying in contact, yet I’ve done just the same. Though it wasn’t by choice. It’s hard to learn to like yourself again when you carry such a heavy guilt. I hated my father, there for, I hate myself in the same darkness.

There were a lot of hills I’ve had to climb to still be here today, a lot of them I’m still feeling the decent. But I can’t accept that I’m reliving that torment¬†growing¬†up, but this time I’m the¬†villain.

I was talking to my son last night, he told me about a break up with his girlfriend, he also told me that he loved her. It’s so hard to know what to say to¬†comfort that kind of heart ache. I remember being 16 and in love. I couldn’t find what to say to him. I guess it’s all part of growing up, one of those life lessons that we all go though at some stage.¬†It’s¬†definitely¬†one of the harder ones.

Never take love for granted.