DirtyDazz Goes DownUnder! – www.DirtyDazz.com.au

Well, it’s official. DirtyDazz.com has gone .AU. I made the decision earlier this morning in hopes to gain more interest with the people down under.

I’ve also removed all advertising from my site to get rid of the delay in page loading due to waiting for their server to kick in. My page loading times went from 1.3 seconds to 4.7 seconds with advertising in place. Ouch!

I’ve been looking at my site design and thinking of ways to improve it. when I started designing this site, I had the thought of giving it a “blue” feeling, as in a depressive look.. I think it worked, it looks quite drab. dontchya think? lol

I like the over look of this design, it’s unique and solely done by yours truly. I know it’s no state of the art design or has much in the way of functionality, but it’s mine. I’ve had a few people comment over the last 8 months, some like it, some don’t. One thing I can be confident about though, it served it’s purpose. It got my message to those it was intended for.

So now I’m here wandering how to take this to the next level. Should I keep it as a personal Blog that I just ramble away with, or do I try and make it into something successful and try and make an income from it.. The latter sounds like the path to take. But the problem with starting out a business venture is “money makes money” which is quite hard when you have none to start with.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. I’ve always been great at trouble shooting, problem solving.. just never personal ones. lol.. I can fix anything, except a broken heart… or mind as it seems.

Cheers, Dazz.

Four Husbands

The local news station was interviewing an 80-year-old lady because she had just gotten married for the fourth time. The interviewer asked her questions about her life, about what it felt like to be marrying again at 80, and then about her new husband’s occupation. “He’s a funeral director,” she answered.

“Interesting,” the  news-reporter thought.

He then asked her if she wouldn’t mind telling him a little about her first three husbands and what they did for a living. She paused for a few moments, needing time to reflect on all those years. After a short time, a smile came to her face and she answered proudly, explaining that she had first married a banker when she was in her 20’s, then a circus ringmaster when in her 40’s, and a preacher when in her 60’s, and now – in her 80’s – a funeral director.

The interviewer looked at her, quite astonished, and asked why she had married four men with such diverse careers.

(Wait for it)

She smiled and explained,

“I married one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go.”


Wellbeing Tips While Dealing With Mental Health – Physical Health, Educate Yourself, Feelings and Stress

Look after your physical health

Your physical health often works side by side with your mental health. If you are exercising and staying active it will make you feel better in yourself, including your day to day life. Walking is one of the best exercises and it can get you your daily hit of vitamin D. Even a  hobby can be a great way to get fit. As the saying goes “healthy body, healthy mind”.


Educate yourself about your illness

As I’ve mentioned many times, knowledge is a powerful tool. Educating yourself about your illness can play a vital role in your road to recovery. Learning about your symptoms can make you aware and help to learn how to cope with a lot of issues which may be causing your illness. A great place to start looking for information on your illness is the Internet, there are so many websites loaded with helpful info on all kinds of mental illnesses, books are a great source or asking your Doctor for more information is a great start in the right direction.

Here’s a great site on loaded with information on mental illness.


Talk About Your Fellings

Talking about our problems, emotions or issues we’re having can play a vital role in our wellbeing  Simply sharing our concerns with someone you trust can create an avenue for stress relief. As we all know a problem shared is a problem halved. Find someone you feel comfortable talking with and share your problems be it with a friend, your partner, a family member, or even a healthcare worker like a councillor or phone line support worker. Talking helps!
Hobbies and Activities

Hobbies are a great way to keep fit both physically and mentally, it’s a great way to make friends and enjoy yourself whilst doing so. Often we can lose interest in hobbies when we become to our low points. But by slowly getting involved again you can give yourself something to look forward too. It can give you purpose and structure in your day to day living. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s a great way to keep active.
Avoiding the Stress

As we all know this can be a hard world we live in. Stress can be a source for many types of mental illnesses, we have to steer clear of stressful situations, as we may face a relapse if pushed too far. If you feel stress taking hold, please talk to a friend or health care worker before it progresses.
Moving Forwards

Moving on can be the hardest step. It can take a while to get back on your feet after an episode of a mental health set back. Try to stay as positive as you can, as there will be better days ahead. We all have our blue days, but try using some of the above tips to help you achieve your wellbeing from day to day. Even if it’s just a couple at a time to start out with.


I hope this helps. I’m still riding the waves of depression, some weeks I feel great, some weeks I never leave my room. Don’t ever give up. I’m not… !



The Day After Hang Over Cure

Well Australia day is not Australia day without a drink or two dozen. The day after however is another story all together, we know what’s coming, but yet we still party on, and on..  and … on.. lol.

I got a great tip from an elderly woman when I was in my early 20s (She was a real Aussie this lady and liked her beer). It’s great for those tummy hangovers and she swore by this remedy. I assure you it works for me as well

Are you ready for it?….. it’s …. Vanilla Ice-cream!. Yes, that good old-fashioned frozen milky stuff and I’ll tell you why it works. The milk content puts a lining back in your stomach as well an helps in re hydration, the coolness of the ice-ream helps settle your tummy if it’s feeling upset and the sugar rush from it gives you a bit of energy.

Another great tip I’ve learnt is to drink at least one glass of water before going to bed after drinking alcohol. It helps to flush your system during the night so you wake up feeling refreshed. it sure helps.


Photo of an old gum tree at night – DirtyDazz

I was playing around with my camera the other night and took some pics of an old gum tree out the back, this is a part section of one of those photos. I quite like how the wind has blurred some parts of the tree, but it still holds sharp lines to show the contrast.

Please click image to see full size. it will open a new window.

Old Gum Tree at night

Old Gum Tree at night



Cheers, Dazz.




Just a quick update on the DirtyDazz website

Heya guys and gals, it’s been a few weeks if not longer since I mentioned the progress of my websites. So here goes.


Has pretty much died in the butt, when I first started estore-au, it took off pretty well, I was adding new merchants on a daily basis and got quite a lot of hits in the first few months, this was due to the large amount of new entries with each new merchant I advertised for. After exhausting all the available merchants I could use, the entries slowed down and I also noticed the traffic slowed down from search engines with it.

Only a few weeks ago, I tried to revive it by deleting all the current entries and started to re implement them again, but with slightly different wording. It doesn’t seem to have made any difference in search ranking. I admit, I had lost faith in it when the traffic stopped, as I could not see why, but the above explanation is the only thing I can come up with. Yesterdays news, is yesterdays news. There is so much competition out there fighting for Google search engine ranking it’s like cat and dog. Seriously, it can get rough..  and expensive. I’ve decided to let eStore-au.com go and try again with a new domain, see if I get the same effect  or maybe I was just lucky when I started out. I’m still learning as I go along.

I did however get enough commission from sales for a payout from ClixGalor Affiliate Markenting. Which I received in my PayPal account without any problems. So there’s a thumbs up them.

clixGalore Merchant Referral Program



Now to DirtyDazz.

With the DirtyDazz website, it’s been a bit of a rocky road to be honest. One week It’s ranking at  500k, next 350k, and landed on about 244k a couple of weeks ago according to Alexa global Ranking. The Alexa Australian ranking got down to 3,444. which I was quite stoked about. But due to not making many new entries over the last month, Dirtydazz.com has felt the pinch and dropped quite a few ranks, both globally and in Australia. It just proves that you need to be consistent if you want to run a site that will be seen.

I have added new Domains to the DirtyDazz website with the profits I made, those domains are as follows.









I think that’s it. Getting quite a collection don;t you think? 🙂


Cheers, Dazz.

Angry Dick Got Pulled – Australia Day ad has been ruled too offensive

Dick Smith is angry over ad he specifically made for Australia Day has been ruled too offensive to run on prime-time television.

The advertisement  promoting his line of food, repeatedly uses innuendo around the phrase “I love Dick” and features the businessman handing a jar of spread to an asylum seeker wading ashore from a shipwreck.

The ad was created by well known comedian Dan Ilic and was due to air during the 6pm news time slot on Saturday, costing Dick a whopping $100,000.

But the (ASB) Advertising Standards Board gave the minute-long spot a PG rating, meaning it cannot run on television early in the evening

Dick says:

“Apparently you can’t have lovely old ladies saying ‘dick’,” Smith said in response to the decision.

“I’m angry. I don’t like this being censored when it’s just good fun.

In a series of text messages sent to Ilic, Smith described the response a “total disaster” and railed against the fun police.

Ilic said he wrote the ad because he saw Smith as an Australian legend and thought making it sounded like fun.

“So I wrote the funniest script I thought I could muster on our tiny $10k budget,” Ilic wrote on his blog.

“Then convinced Dick that it’d be fine to run with the innuendo and the boat people joke. (Which is my favourite considering Dick’s stance on population control).”

Smith’s food business donates all its profits to charity.

Author: Nick Pearson. Approving editor: Fiona Willan.

Re-writen: DirtyDazz.




Australia Day marks the anniversary of Australia’s first European settlement 26 January, 1788.

Australia Day traditionally marks the anniversary of Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet raising the flag on Australia’s first European settlement at Sydney Cove on  26 January, 1788.

After the United States of America won the Revolutionary War in 1783, it was no longer possible for Britain to send unwanted criminals there. As the crime rate increased in England, jails and prison hulks moored in British harbours became overcrowded. Captain Cook had discovered the east coast of Australia in 1770 and not long after this voyage, the possibility of using Australia as a penal colony was considered.

It is believed that this need for a place to “dump” convicts, was not the only reason for colonising Australia. Botany Bay was also seen as a port of call and supply base for British ships traveling the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and trading with China. Although shorter alternative routes were possible, by the mid 1780’s, the British Government was concerned that these routes might be cut if the Dutch went to war with Great Britain.

At the same time, Britain was heavily dependent on Baltic countries fro timber that could be used for masts and shipbuilding and flax used for the manufacture of canvas, sailcloth and rope. As possible alliances between French, Dutch and Russians could block the supply of these material, Britain was anxious to find alternative sources. Captain Cook and Sir Joseph Banks recommended that Australia, New Zealand and nearby islands could be potential sources of timber and flax.

On May, 13 1787, eleven ships set out from Portsmouth, England on an eight month voyage to Australia, carrying approximately 1 350 men, women and children. 

The Australia Anthem

Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free;
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil,
Our home is girt by sea.
Our land abounds in Nature’s gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
In hist’ry’s page, let ev’ry stage
Advance Australia fair.

In joyful strains then let us sing,
“Advance Australia Fair.”

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
To make this Commonwealth of ours
Renowned of all the lands;
For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share;
With courage let us all combine
To Advance Australia fair.

In joyful strains then let us sing,
“Advance Australia Fair.”

Happy Australia Day guys.



Was There An Alien Invasion In The Eighth Century? We’ve Been Gamma Blasted!

There was a  mystery wave of cosmic radiation that smashed into Earth in the eighth century which may have come from “two black holes that collided”, according to a new study. Another study showed that our genetic DNA sequence also change around that time. “There was a new DNA code inserted into our DNA string”. Says Dr Seuss, from Disney University.


Well, it could have happened!. ok ok, onto the real story of interest..

Clues for the strange event were unearthed last year by Japanese astrophysicist Fusa Miyake, who discovered a surge in carbon-14 — an isotope that derives from high-energy radiation — in the rings of ancient cedar trees.

Dating of the trees showed that the burst struck the Earth in either 774 or 775 AD.

But what was the nature of the radiation, and what caused it?

Space scientists lined up the usual suspects only to let them go. There was no evidence that an exploding star, also called a supernova, occurred at that time, they found.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, a record in Old English, makes a dramatic reference to the appearance of a “red crucifix” seen in the skies after sunset. But that happened in 776 AD, which was too late to tally with the event marked by the tree rings.

Also ruled out was a tantrum by the Sun, which can throw out sizzling cosmic rays or gouts of energy called solar flares.

Writing in Monthly Notices, a journal of Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society, German-based scientists Valeri Hambaryan and Ralph Neuhaeuser have come up with a new explanation.

The pair suggest that two black holes collided and then merged, releasing an intense but extremely brief burst of gamma rays.

A collision of neutron stars or “white dwarf” stars (tiny, compact stars near the end of their lives) may also have been the cause, say Hambaryan and Neuhaeuser of the University of Jena’s Astrophysics Institute.

Mergers of this kind are often spotted in galaxies other than our own Milky Way, and do not generate visible light.

The event in 774 or 775 AD could only have taken place at least 3000 light years from here, otherwise the planet would have fried, says the paper.

If their theory is right, this would explain why there is no record of some ultra-brilliant event in the sky, or evidence of any extinction event in Earth’s biodiversity at that time.

Astronomers should scour the skies because invisible remnants of the event could well exist today, the paper suggests.

And estimating the risk from a future collision of this kind could be vital.

“If the gamma ray burst had been much closer to the Earth it would have caused significant harm to the biosphere,” explains Neuhaeuser.

“But even thousands of light years away, a similar event today could cause havoc with the sensitive electronic systems that advanced societies have come to depend on. The challenge now is to establish how rare such carbon-14 spikes are, i.e. how often such radiation bursts hit the Earth.

“In the last 3000 years, the maximum age of trees alive today, only one such event appears to have taken place.”



I‘m sticking to the Alien story, there has to be some sort of explanation for the human race to exist. I sure as hell know we couldn’t do it on our own.