Mindfulness – The Focus on our Awareness

mindfulnessMindfulness is when you focus on the awareness of the present moment. Mindfulness allows us to be fully conscious of a simple sensation, such as the warmth from sunlight or of the complex process between our thoughts and feelings.

By tuning in to your mental processes, you are able to recognize that thoughts are just thoughts; they don’t necessarily mean it is reality. We all have the ability to learn and observe them rather than being subject to them.

Mindfulness can allow you to absorb the richness of the moment instead of going through life with half of our attention on the past or future or our own mental chatter.

The self-knowledge that comes from mindfulness allows us to be more intentional in choosing priorities and actions that fit our life mission.


Am I Too Broken – A Mind’s Mind.

Am I too broken to be “fixed”? I often ask myself this very question. I have hidden in my own darkened world for so long now it has become my reality for which it feels as though I can not return from. To do so would mean eradicating all memories of my past, as each memory seems to roll into the next. There is no escaping what your mind and body have experienced. The mind seems to have a mind of its own in some regards.

I find myself relaxing more in my own surroundings, I can relax to the point where I seem to forget all about the outside world and I actually feel at ease within myself as a person. Which is all good, except for one small issue. Living!. I’m not financially secure to lead the life of a “no-mad”. (no punt intended). I would be quite content living in my world if money wasn’t an issue. People and I just don’t seem to mix long-term.

I have tried over the last 24 or so months to “get better”, to think positive and put the past in the past where it belongs, to try to see situations in a different light, instead of thinking the world’s out to get me at every turn. Sometimes it works, more often though, it does not. It only takes a small trigger to bring back to where you really are in life.

Those small triggers are what you need to focus on, those are the ones that start the downward trip. It really is a hard cycle to break out of. But you have to try.

Over the last 24 months, give or take. I have seen a psychologist on a regular basis, being able to explain to him what I feel is not all that easy, how can you describe what you’re feeling unless they can feel it too. Inner pain is an individual thing, no one can truly feel what you’re feeling, even if they have been through the same thing.

I know a lot of my issues I have about myself are purely in my head. A lot of how I think “other people see me” is too 98% in my mind. How does one change this thought process, I am still working on that one. Some find it easier than others. I’m finding it quite difficult at the present time. I’ve been this way for 30+ years now, I just can’t fix what I want to fix and that’s one of the facts in my life that I can’t seem to get past. Sorry, I will rephrase that, I am having trouble getting past at the moment. Never, ever give up hope!.


Cheers, Dazz.



Do You Know How You Were Born – A Must Watch Conception To Birth Animation Video

Do you know how you were born? Have you ever asked the question “how does it all work?” The miracle of life is truly amazing and in this animated video it will show you exactly how the human body creates new life, from conception to birth. (no sexual matter or images involved).

I highly recommend watching this.. Might be a good one to educate children with also. Truly amazing.


Power of nature – Lightning over the suburbs

We are often fascinated with the power of nature, the destruction she can cause with just a single blow. We also often over look the majestic side of nature, the beauty she holds that can be matched by no other.

I managed to capture some of her beauty on display tonight with my camera. I have to say, she never ceases to amaze me.



lightning-melbourne-21-02-2013-3 lightning-melbourne-21-02-2013-4

This is one of my favourites

This is one of my favourites



We Are Not Alone – Our Galaxy and Beyond

As with most of us, the stars, moon and planets have always fascinated me as a child and even to this day. I can’t help but look up to the stars and wonder…. is there anything else out there?.

As we know, the sun is a simply just another star in our galaxy, there are estimated to be over 100 billion stars. How many earth-like planets orbit these stars? An estimated 17 billion. “Almost all sun-like stars have a planetary system,” said Francois Fressin, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics. Also, there is estimated to be around 100 billion galaxies in the universe. So if each galaxy has millions/billions of earth-like planets, and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies, does it make sense to think that we are the only form of intelligent life in the Universe?


If this hasn’t blown your mind, this will.

At the centre of each galaxy lies a black hole. Equations show that within the black hole of each galaxy lies another whole universe. “Like part of a cosmic Russian doll, our universe may be nested inside a black hole that is itself part of a larger universe. In turn, all the black holes found so far in our universe—from the microscopic to the super massive may be doorways into alternate realities.” According to the new equations, the matter black holes absorb and seemingly destroy is actually expelled and becomes the building blocks for galaxies, stars, and planets in another reality. Essentially, every black hole contains a smaller alternate universe. And our universe might just exist inside a black hole of a galaxy in a much larger universe.

So within the 100 billion galaxies in our universe lies 100 billion universes with 100 billion more galaxies each containing another universe with more galaxies, and so on infinitely. What a Creation we live in. Are we alone? I think not.

Truth Always Prevails – Take Note!



There is a BIG SCAM going around the world that nearly EVERYONE has fallen for.

It’s a program where you work for 40 hours per week for 40 years, believing you will be looked after when you retire.

What happens when you retire? You get a $40 gold watch (if you are lucky) & then try and live off of 16% of what you could not live on while you were working 40 hours a week.

Warn your friends and family of this scam.

Don’t let them fall for it!!




Out of Body Experiences – The Living Soul Vs The Mind

I’ve always been borderline sceptic when it comes to the after life and/or out-of-body experiences. Then I had something happen a couple of years ago that made me think a little differently.

Let me start by going back in time. Just over 20 years ago I broke both my legs in an accident, one fracture to my lower left leg and two fractures to my lower right leg which left me in a wheelchair for 2 months while they healed.There was a time I had visited a friend in the next street from where I lived, on my way home, alone, my arms were getting quite tired from pushing the wheels on the wheelchair,  I stopped for a moment, closed my eyes and prayed for help to get home. Then suddenly I got this warm tingling sensation throughout my body and my wheelchair moved!. I tell you no lie, it freaked me out so much I said out loud “Ok, that’s enough, I’ll do it now” and continued on pushing it myself.

That warm tingle sensation could be looked at two ways depending on your beliefs I guess. Was it the hand of the Almighty, answering my call or was it just a chemical reaction to my body’s exhaustion. It left me wondering about “the bigger picture” for a long time. If it was the hand of the “almighty” would have I disappointed him by refusing his help so long ago.

I had another “out-of-body” experience only a few years ago. As some of my readers know, I was contemplating suicide just a few years ago. There was one particular time I was debating in my mind about all the issues I was facing at the time, how I’ve messed my life up, how I need to start putting things right, trying to get a perspective once again. I was walking through my hall way and I specifically remember saying “Darren, you really need to get your shit together” I took about 4 steps forwards and something made me look back. What I saw was  me standing there, right where I stopped a few seconds ago and said what I said. He looked straight at me and said “Yes, Darren, you do”.

It felt so real, I really believe I was standing there looking at myself. But again, was it an outer body experience, or was it just my minds chemicals working overtime trying to find a solution to life. I guess I will never really know until my time is actually up.

It’s hard to have faith, when you’ve experienced life as I have. I have a lot of trouble believing in myself, let alone other people and the possibility of there being a greater force then what we know to be fact.


The meaning of life is a true mystery. We will only find the true meaning once we pass away. How ironic.


Bushfire Smoke Covering Part of Melbourne, Australia 18-02-2013 ,- Possible Ember Alert!

There’s smoke over parts of Melbourne from the bush fires in the Lalor, Epping and Thomastown areas in the northern suburbs.. I also noticed a bit of ash and soot floating around, so please keep a look out for glowing embers.

With all this hot weather, it would not take long for something to catch.

Here’s some photos I took of the smoke coming in over head in the northern inner suburbs.

Smoke Coming into Melbourne from local bush fires.

Just to give an idea of size, that tree on the right is around 4 stories high.


Aussie Kids Hunting Feral Animals – NSW Australian National Parks

I’ve just finished reading on the 7 Yahoo news site that the Australian NSW government is considering allowing the hunting of feral animals in our national parks for hunters as young as 12 years old. At first I thought ‘great, I can see the news headlines already of innocent walkers being shot’, then I got to thinking how clever or cheap (depending on what side of the fence you’re sitting) the government actually is. To “allow” hunters to go into our national parks and eradicate the feral animals is at no cost to the government at all.

Will this bring more guns into our Aussie homes? I bet it will. I know as a teen’ the prospect of owning a gun and hunting in the wild would be very appealing. But is Australia mature enough for this kind of responsibility. I’m not sure. Look where America is at the moment with their gun laws. Do we really want to follow their lead? I don’t.


Here’s what I’ve read.

The New South Wales Government is considering a Game Council proposal for children as young as 12 to be able to hunt in the state’s national parks.

From March adults will be allowed to shoot feral animals in 79 national parks, nature reserves and state conservation areas.

The culling program was approved last year in a deal between the State Government and the Shooters and Fishers Party.

Game Council chairman John Mumford says he would like the rules to be relaxed to allow minors to hunt in national parks, both with guns and bows and arrows.

“Under the process we’re discussing with the Government at the moment and with National Parks, they will be able to hunt under the supervision of their parents in exactly the same way that they currently hunt in state forests, and have been hunting for the past six years, and have been hunting in the Alpine Forest in Victoria for the past 40 years,” he said.

The Game Council says children who are approved for shooting licences undergo a strict approval process.

Mr Mumford says he has been hunting with his sons for years.

“The first time they came hunting with me they were both in nappies. They weren’t carrying firearms of course but they were certainly out hunting,” he said.

“For a minor to get a firearms licence or a minors permit they have to go through exactly the same process that an adult does.

“They’ve got to go through exactly the same testing that an adult has to, they cannot hunt on their own; even with a bow they still have to be supervised by an adult.”

The State Government says it is still assessing the proposal.

But Russ Collison from the Australian Workers’ Union says the proposal should have been rejected outright.

“I mean it’s so far to the ridiculous it’s unbelievable,” he said.

“I would’ve thought initially they would’ve just said, ‘Look, we understand your efforts but we’re not prepared to give it any due consideration’.

“But no. They’ve said, ‘Oh we don’t see any law against it’ and I’ve been told people at that level within National Parks have said this is ridiculous.”

Source: 7 News



Publishers Alternative to Google Adsense – ValueClick Media Ranks Above Most

Attention to all publishers and Advertisers! DirtyDazz.com recently teamed up with ValueClick Media as a publisher.  I have to tell you first up, I’m impressed with their ad delivery speeds. If there’s one thing I hate with advertising for another company is page lagging due to out sourced images and links.

I’m still in the process of setting up the final layout, but I have to say, they’re giving Google Adsense a good run for their money in user friendly features, options and little better organised also. I’ve even made a few cents in my first 24 hours.

One key differentiator for our company is our cross-platform story. In other words, advertisers come to us because we deliver results on display, mobile, and video platforms simultaneously.

We are a sophisticated and experienced data and technology company with expertise that can be carried across multiple devices.

Some of the features I like that ValueClick Media offer for publishers:

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ValueClick Media also have an affiliate program so you can refer others and earn even more.

The only drawback I’ve found with ValueClick Media is the payment options. It’s done via direct bank deposit. Which is not a problem for most, but I still find a PayPal option to receive payments is a must these days for affiliate companies.

Check them out and sign up for their publisher program, if you do get accepted I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Cheers, Dazz.