Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Lorikeet

baby lorikeet 2-3 weeks old

baby lorikeet 1-2 weeks old

I was looking through some photos earlier to do with my garden and came across some photos of “Roofus” the baby rainbow lorikeet I was raising earlier this year. It made me realise how much he affected me emotionally, I really did get attached to the little bugger.

Roofus The Rainbow Lorikeet at 6weeks

Roofus The Rainbow Lorikeet at 3 weeks

I’m sure he’s hanging around nowadays, but to be honest, it is mostly wishful thinking. I see many lorikeets that look similar and some even act like him when I chat to them. It can get quite frustrating trying to pick Roofus out of the mobs that come around. I’ve all but given up. lol.

As much as I would like him to be around, I still don’t regret letting him go. I feel he is where he belongs “free as a bird” and I like it like that.






May you live long and fly fast, Roofus!.

I’ve just started a website dedicated to the story of these little guys. You can follow the story there.

Cheers, Dazz

Micro Rockery – Gardening, Water Features and Wellbeing.

As I’ve mentioned a few times in my blog entries, nature is a perfect way to find peace within yourself. Often just sitting in a natural surrounding is enough to find a little tranquility around the hustle and bustle of modern-day living.

I started a “micro rockery” late last year to have a reason to get outside more often than I had been. I find gardening a great way to “forget” about troubles for a while. You can really relax with nature and at the end of the day, you feel great for it as well.

Here’s some quick photos of the micro rockery I designed out of things just lying around the yard and the progress over the following months.

First stage of the rockery.

First stage of the rockery.

Gardening is the perfect way to get right into nature and her magical powers. It doesn’t have to be a big garden either, just a couple of plant pots is a perfect way to start, I can assure you, if you get the “green bug” you won’t stop at just two or three.

Micro Rockery

Just a couple of months later.


Micro Rockery

I will be extending it over the next couple of months, I plan on putting in  a 2 tier concrete pond. It will be interesting to see how that goes. lol. I may end up buying a cheap garden pond from eBay.

Cheers, Dazz.

To The Moon – Poetry – Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)


Art thou pale for weariness
Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth,
Wandering companionless
Among the stars that have a different birth,
And ever changing, like a Joyless eye
That finds no object worth its constancy?

By Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)

To The Moon - Poetry

To The Moon – Photo by DirtyDazz.

Clouds – A Magical Trip For The Imagination

Clouds – water. ice and steam. It can be quite fascinating when combined just right. I have to admit there’s been times when I’ve just sat there for hours on end when out with nature, just listening to the sound of nature and watching the clouds float by. It’s a great way to feel inner peace, not to mention the relaxation and mindful benefits that come along with it.

Clouds have always fascinated me, even as an “adult”, not so much in the shapes and patterns they produce,  but more towards the different types and the reasons they have formed. (yes, ok, so I’m a little nerdy too)… Not to mention the simple fact that they just sit up there floating around in their own little “zone”. How tranquil would it be to just float around the world and peer down as you drift by..

There are a number of cloud types, forming at different heights in our atmosphere  Check out this cloud chart for some of the more common cloud formations.

Below: A couple of interesting combined cloud formations during a heat wave in Melbourne, Australia. I took in Feb 2013.


Click photos for full sized and detailed images. (1200×900)


Varied Cloud formation, Melbourne Australia 2013

Varied Cloud formation, Melbourne Australia 2013

Cloud Formation - Melbourne, Australia 2013

Cloud Formation – Melbourne, Australia 2013



Cheers, Dazz.


Reading is so much easier with glasses…

I finally bit the bullet today and bought some reading glasses, I can tell you, it’s making life a little easier on reading what I’m actually typing, let alone what everyone else has typed. One of the reasons I’ve been quiet on my blog is due to not being able to see what I’ve typed properly. My eyes just could not focus on the screen any more.

So today while out at the shops, I checked out what they had to offer. There were so many styles, strengths to choose from, I was there for at least half an hour choosing what I wanted and what worked, though what felt right at the time, might be a little strong now that I’ve used them for a little while. Might be worth while checking out the optometrist while I’m out next time.

We seem to take advantage of our eyesight, it’s just one of those things that has always been there (for most of us). I’m a little scared on losing mine now it’s slowly degrading. It’s not something you think about really.

We need to look after our eyes, how dreary would the world be without seeing its beauty.



Wake Up and Smell The Roses – The Free Way To Wellbeing

No seriously, there’s no better way to start your day than taking in what nature has provided us since the start of time. It can be so uplifting to your day. We are after all a part of natures creation, it’s really a no brainer to feel good in her presence.

I’ve been waking up in the mornings for a couple of months now, I make my coffee (yeah yeah, I still need a kick-start in the mornings) and step outside to enjoy what the nature has to offer. Listening to the array of bird calls, gazing up at the trees in the surrounding gardens, watching the clouds drift by is so calming and great for your wellbeing. It really is a great way to start your day whether you’re battling depression or not.

Smell the Roses


Nature is a part of all of us, something we often forget in today’s world of concrete jungles and deadlines. To busy trying to keep schedules and appointments we often forget where our roots are from. We need to take time out from our daily routine to take in what is around us. Have your lunch break outside, look up at the clouds and see what pictures they’re forming, watching birds going about their daily business can be quite humorous too.

It’s often the simple things that nature produces that we humans find fascinating. You just need to take the time out to look. Simple pattern on a leaf to the way a mountain range has formed. Everything on this earth is unique in its own special way, just like you and I. We need to step back sometimes and appreciate life for what it is….

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and don’t forget to take the time out to smell the roses!


Alien Seed Found in Lunar Rock – There is life out there, but not as we know it.

Scientists discover an alien like seed inside a lunar rock that landed on our earth’s surface over 2 billion years ago in the far northern reaches of Australia. Dr G. Iggleopolis explained how this seed could be a link to the starting process of our vegetation on our planet as we know it today. “This could change the theory on evolution it self”.



Beyond The Clouds – There is always hope for a brighter day.

I often find myself gazing at the sky watching the clouds, it can be quite relaxing.

When we see darkened clouds, we often see them as a threat to our day, but in reality, it is simply a cycle of nature and as to our life. We need to see past those darkened clouds and enjoy the sunshine that follows. Without experiencing sorrow, how can we appreciate happiness.

Looking beyond the clouds

Looking beyond the clouds


New Breed of Fly Swarming Melbourne Suburbs – Could it be the new fly-bot?


I’ve noticed the domestic housefly in Melbourne this summer are a little more resilient than normal. Usually a quick “shoo fly” with a swipe of the hand and they generally fly off to bother some other poor soul. But no, not this year, no no no! You swat at them and as soon as your hand swipes past, they’re right back on the same spot and they not only keep coming back, but they “BITE” too!. Yes, I am being harassed by little green alien flies!

I’ve worked in the garden now for the last 4 summers and I have never encountered such annoying flies as I have this year. What’s with them? Are they a new breed? I have researched the Internet to try and find some sort of information and only come up with a bushfly invasion a few years back. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, but I can assure you, they are different to the good old domestic housefly of yesteryear. These guys hurt!.

micro fly drone


I was actually informed that the “biting” sensation was them urinating on my skin, eww, I’m not too sure if I believe that, but the sensation definitely feels acid based. Could it be a fly bot sampling my DNA?? Ha, I don’t really think so, but hey, I gotta jump on the bandwagon sometimes .. lol.

I mean, after all, I’ve been suspecting all along that the government agencies and underground world wanted a copy of my DNA sequence to duplicate such perfection. Who wouldn’t!. Double Ha!. I am the answer.

Well it looks like it’s time to stock up on the good old trusty Aeroguard..  and try to have a good weekend, Mr Walker…. yes, I’m old.. shhhh.


Cheers, Dazz.