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It’s been nearly 6 months since purchasing my .au domain name. Establishing the DirtyDazz name all over again was not as hard as I thought. Most of that is simply due to having my original domain redirect to my .au domain that you’re on at the moment. I’m still yet to list this .au url on the social scene, so that is my next project. Yes, I know, it’s easy enough to do, but it’s just so damn tedious.

I must admit, I have really been slack on keeping up with the jones’s this year regarding my website. I’ve slowly slinked back into my hole of depression, I really need to get myself back on track and get with it again. is currently ranking at 4,734 in Australia. I’m quite happy with that ranking. For the effort I’ve put into this site over the last 6 months, I’m surprised I’m still ranking below 10k. I’m getting roughly 50 visits per day at the moment and that has been steady for a couple of months now. It’s a far cry from the 300-400 daily visits I was getting a year ago, but as I mentioned, it’s probably due to lack of input. I really do need to pull myself out of this hole of depression… Blah…. Watch me rise once more!


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Male Power Australia, Helping Men Restore and Maintain Well-Being.

Male Power Australia

Male Power Australia

Male Power is an herbal formula specially designed for men to help restore and support general well-being.

Male Power also contains herbs traditionally used to help support sexual function and boosts all-important kidney energy producing a wide rage of beneficial effects.

Traditionally used to strengthen kidney function (yang) to then:

– help support and enhance sexual function and libido.
– support inner organ function
– helps strengthen the physique & overcome fatigue
– reduce frequent urination.

To restore and support general well-being

Why is Male Power special?

It is highly effective because it is based on long experience of traditional Chinese medicine which understands and treats the underlying causes of impotence problems, not just the symptoms. And in the case of impotence and sexual problem, one of the main problems is weak kidney energy. What sets Male Power apart is that because it boosts all-important kidney energy it not only helps the distressing condition of sexual problem but also produces a wide range of other beneficial effects.

For more information.

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I have a great friend that copes with MS, I don’t use the word suffer (though I’m sure he truly does) I say cope, because he is a great inspiration to me and many others. Just the simple fact of battling on with what life has given him, whether it be good or bad. Kudos to you “E.T” you rock, mate..

The simplest way to show your support for Kiss Goodbye to MS in May is by wearing red lipstick and getting sponsored to do so, especially on World MS Day, May 29.

If red lippy isn’t your style then a Kiss Goodbye to MS lip sticker or tattoo on your collar or cheek works just as well. Not to mention red dresses, red pants and even bright red hair, which are all great ways to attract attention to a great cause!


May 2013 is the time to dare to do something extreme to raise money and awareness for Kiss Goodbye to MS. Whilst wearing red lipstick might be daring enough for some people, others will go to extreme lengths to Kiss Goodbye to MS.

So why not use this opportunity to do something outrageous to raise funds – perhaps a skydive, a bungee jump or an epic ocean swim – the list is endless! You’ll be doing your part to support people living with MS and research to find a cure.

To Kiss Goodbye to MS once and for all, we need to spread our message far and wide. This could be as simple as “liking” our page on Facebook or using the twitter hashtag #kissgoodbyetoMS.

You could share by purchasing funky Kiss Goodbye to MS merchandise, or why not organise a special event at your home or workplace using this helpful guide? It doesn’t matter how strange your idea is as long as you dare to share.


Let your Facebook friends know that you’re kissing goodbye to MS, or tweet using the hashtag #kissgoodbyetoms




Landsat Satellite Shoots 6,000 Mile Long Panoramic Photo from Orbit April 12, 2013

NASA’s Landsat Data Continuity Mission captured last month from a whopping 438 miles above the surface of our great blue marble. Measuring in at an impressive 6,000 miles in length and 120 miles wide, the panorama stretches from Northern South Africa to East Russia. NASA calls this work of art ‘The Long Swath’, and it comes in at 19.06 gigapixels

Over fifty still images making this panorama of beautiful Earths scenery possible, and given that Landsat is orbiting the planet at about 17,000 miles per hour, it took only twenty minutes to capture the entire clip. What’s more interesting are the variations on Earth’s surface. lush forests to barren deserts, rivers to the sea and everything in between.

On April 12, 2013, the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) reached its final orbit, 705 kilometers (438 miles) above Earth. One week later, the satellite’s natural-color imager scanned a swath of land 185-kilometers wide and 9,000 kilometers long (120 by 6,000 miles)–an unusual, unbroken distance considering 70 percent of Earth is covered with water. That flight path afforded us the chance to assemble 56 still images into a seamless, flyover view of what LDCM saw on April 19, 2013. Stretching from northern Russia to South Africa.

Full details and more information can be found at



Marijuana Grows Brain Cells & Cures Cancer! New Studies Revealed!

I should be a genius, no wait, I am! New studies have shown that eating Marijuana can infact grow brain cells and cure cancer in mice. It actually causes the cancer cells to “eat” themselves! I know, I know, this sounds whacked, weed = munchies, but research shows it to be fact. New tests are about to be trialed on human subjects.

In the past 20 years, researchers have studied how cannabinoids act on the brain and other parts of the body. Cannabinoid receptors (molecules that bind cannabinoids) have been discovered in brain cells and nerve cells in other parts of the body. The presence of cannabinoid receptors on immune system cells suggests that cannabinoids may have a role in immunity.

2 CB receptors have been identified so far, 1 in our brain and the other in our immune system. THC binds to at least 2 distinct receptors: CB1 (and another possible subtype called CBlA) and CB2. CB1 receptors are found in highest concentration in brain neurons, are coupled via G proteins, and modulate adenylate cyclase and ion channels. CB2 receptors are found in cells of the immune system, are also coupled via G proteins, but inhibit adenylate cyclase.


Check out this new released video explaining some quite interesting  facts about this wonderful wacky weed we call,  Pot.


You Will Have Nothing To Say After Watching This – Please take care on the roads.

vintage car crash

You Will Have Nothing To Say After Watching This Video..

Driving is almost a necessity these days and being on the road again after a seven-year break I’ve found myself more cautious than ever before, maybe even a little nervous at times too while driving in heavy traffic. It’s not so much that I doubt my driving skills, but there are more and more cars on the roads with every passing year and with those extra cars, come more potential accidents. I’m starting to think I was better off on foot…

There are so many dangerous situations just waiting to happen on the road while driving, things we don’t always see due to being distracted by simple things such as a song on the radio, or a conversation. It only takes a split second to miss something and that split second may be all that’s needed to avoid some of the horrors you’re about to view on this video.

Please concentrate on the roads and those that are not driving, look before you leap!. It’s everyone’s responsibility to be safe out there..

This video is a compilation of many car accident from across the world, it is a little graphical at times, but it gets an important message across. Stay safe!


Cheers, Dazz.

Happy Mother’s Day 2013


To my very special Mum, Sylvia Calladine.  Thank you for always being there, even when I wasn’t there for myself. Love you lots mum. xoxo.

And to all the inspirational mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmother’s throughout Australia, may your Mother’s Day be filled with light, love and happiness!

Have a great day everyone.


Things to worry about – F. Scott Fitzgerald: A letter to his Daughter.

In 1933, renowned author F. Scott Fitzgerald ended a letter to his 11-year-old daughter, Scottie, with a list of things to worry about, not worry about, and simply think about. It read as follows.

(Source: F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life in Letters; Image: F. Scott Fitzgerald with his daughter, Scottie, in 1924.)

Things to worry about:

Worry about courage
Worry about cleanliness
Worry about efficiency
Worry about horsemanship

Things not to worry about: 

Don’t worry about popular opinion
Don’t worry about dolls
Don’t worry about the past
Don’t worry about the future
Don’t worry about growing up
Don’t worry about anybody getting ahead of you
Don’t worry about triumph
Don’t worry about failure unless it comes through your own fault
Don’t worry about mosquitoes
Don’t worry about flies
Don’t worry about insects in general
Don’t worry about parents
Don’t worry about boys
Don’t worry about disappointments
Don’t worry about pleasures
Don’t worry about satisfactions

Things to think about: 

What am I really aiming at?
How good am I really in comparison to my contemporaries in regard to:

(a) Scholarship
(b) Do I really understand about people and am I able to get along with them?
(c) Am I trying to make my body a useful instrument or am I neglecting it?

With dearest love,