On My Adventure Today, I Saw..

A prehistoric Bee hive, just sitting there in the middle of the bush! WTH is that thing!

It stands around 12 foot tall and seems to be made of 3 sections. Did some kind of Bee Mutant build an oversized hive to accommodate his hideously oversized honey supply? I did not want to get close enough to investigate, you just never know what Alien traps are out these days. I mean seriously, you ain’t gonna get me that easy Mr Alien Bee.!

Prehistoric Time Capsule

Cheap $20 Car Cam from eBay | Review | Car DVR Video Demonstration

I recently bought a cheap Au$20 CarCam / Car DVR from eBay, I did a little research on it first, to make sure it actually works. So being satisfied with the reviews I read, I ended up buying one for Au19.97 from an international eBay seller with free postage. I figured for 20 bucks, it’s not really a great risk, if nothing else, I could use it for a security camera in the backyard. 🙂

It took just over 2 weeks to arrive and was packaged well. Package contained the Camera, car window mount, car lighter power cord, PC usb transfer cord and instructions. Though, the instruction are in chinese it’s easy to work out once you start fiddling with it.

Here’s a short demo of what I recorded today. It was stated to record in HD, but it’s clearly not. The frame rate could be a little faster, but at the end of the day, for Au$20, it’s a cheap and easy added security for your car. It also could potentially save you $1.000s if you were ever in an accident and not at fault. As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” or dollars in a case such as that…. More details on grabbing one of these bargains below the video.

Grab yourself one while they’re still cheap, once they get selling prices will surely rise. The lowest price I found at the moment is around 20 bucks. Just follow the links below, the hard works already done.

Don’t forget to pick up a micro SD memory card too. Here’s a link to the 8g card I bought, Au$5.50 it’s the cheapest you’ll find on eBay.

Hope that helped anyone looking for info.


Cheers guys, Dazz

It’s a lovely Winters morning

As the warm morning sun peers through my semi opened blinds, gently caressing my face to slowly but surely awaken me. I slowly open my eyes and I can feel it’s going to be a good day today.

I’ve eaten well over the last week, cooking proper meals again, getting out into the garden and trying to keep active. I’ve even managed a couple of full night sleeps and It’s paying off, as I haven’t felt this good for a couple of months now. Especially in the mornings. heh.

I plan on making the most of this fine weather we’re having today and heading down to the parklands with my camera to see if I can find something unique to photograph. Oh, and I might even test out some of these fandango features on my new/second-hand mobile smart phone I bought off eBay for 40 bucks. It’s a MotoRola XT525, It’s nothing too flash, but I reckon I got a bargain at that price. If you’re ever thinking of a 2nd hand mobile, I highly suggest checking out the Smartphones on eBay.

Anyway, time to get the day started… Have a fantastic weekend everyone and remember, if you can’t be good, be good at it.

Cheers, Dazz.


Who like’s McDonald’s Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae? Well I’ve Got Something For You!

If you’re a lover of the hot chocolate fudge sundaes at McDonalds, then you really should check out this easy peasy recipe I’ve tried and tested. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Takes around 10 minutes to prepare. Serves 2-3 people. Haha, yeah like we’re gonna share it.


50 g butter
1½ tablespoon cocoa
⅓ cup brown sugar
60 g pure cream (not thickened)


1. Melt the butter in a small saucepan over a low heat.
2. Add sugar and cocoa, and continue to stir until sugar is melted.
3. Add cream and continue to stir  until combined. Simmer over low heat for 3-4 mins stirring often.

Now’s the fun part! We get to eat it!!

Pour it over Vanilla ice cream for that “authentic macca’s” hot chocolate fudge sundae taste. It also goes great over chocolate cake, banana splits or anything else you can think of really.



Cheers, Dazz.



One small step for man, One giant drive for DirtyDazz

Good Morning Beautiful People of the world! Yes, that means you too.

I reached a milestone in my car yesterday. I watched the trip meter click over to 300km. yeah yeah, you can stop laughing now.  lol!. I’ve had this car for 3-4 months now and that’s the total distance I’ve driven. Ohwell..

20 years ago, I would cover that distance in a day, just cruising with me mates. How times change aye.

I’m finding myself more cautious while driving in my later years, but I’ve put that down to there being a hell of alot more cars on the road. Even the off-peak traffic is at a constant flow these days, around the metro areas in Melbourne anyway. It’s a lot more hectic out there that’s for sure.

I invested in a CarCam a couple of weeks ago. I picked one up from eBay for a cheap $20, it does what it’s meant to, though the quality could be a little better. But in saying that, at the end of the day it’s a cheap modern day security device for the car that can make the difference between paying out a hefty repair bill and not, if an accident should ever happen.

if you’re looking for an affordable Car Cam or car dvr for around $20, check out my friends at eBay here  Rotatable 270° Car Vehicle Road Dash Dashboard Video IR Camera DVR Night Vision


Cheers guys and have a fantastic weekend.



Bloody Ruddy is back in | Julia is quitting | Vote DirtyDazz number 1

Ha, it was a no brainer knowing Julia Gillard would go. Now I’d like to see who gets in at election time, I really can’t see Australia putting up with this shamble of a government party they call Labor. Liberal ain’t all that much better in my eyes, that Abbot seems a little hmmm, not political material.

We need something, someone different for Australia. Stop letting our politicians experiment with our country and take control. We are slowly losing the Australian way as we once knew it. We need to take a step back and look at what has gone wrong.

I say vote DirtyDazz for PM. Yes I will probably put the country in more debt, yes, I would legalise Marijuana and make it free range. Yes, I would remove this bullshit Political Correctness that’s slowly killing the Aussie way.

We’d all have one hell of a good ride, Australia. No wuckers!

Vote DirtyDazz for Prime Minister.

DirtyDazz - UnMasked


Looks like Gillard is out the door | It’s just a matter of time.

We all know it was just a political experiment that failed miserably. I can’t help but laugh at the politics in Australia. I’m sure I’ve experienced some of their in-house antics in my primary school years, debating which is the better footy team, or cars at the time. It’s just a total waste taxpayers money half the time..

I can not vote due to some clause from when I was born and arrived in Australia. It doesn’t bother me all that much, I’m yet to see someone worthy of my vote. I understand each new prime minister has the dreary task of trying to clean up the mess from the previous government party, but yet are we to find one that’s an all-rounder.

We rely too much on being lead as a people. We rely too much on our governments to do us right. But the bottom line is they’re Humans just like the rest of us, they are not failsafe and of course ultimately have their own agenda and views on how this country should run.

We need to give the power back to “the people” and try a new approach to the way we live our lives in Australia. I remember back in the 70’s, 80’s things were not always certain, but we were Australia, we had an identity and we were damn well proud of it!


Facebook Bug Exposes Info on 6M Users | Fox Business

Facebook (FB) has learned a bug in one of its programs inadvertently revealed contact information on some six million users.

The world’s biggest social network said a programming flaw in a tool that lets users take their profile offline sometimes passed along additional email addresses and telephone numbers of contacts or “people with whom they have some connection.” That means contact details that were meant to be left unshared – say a private work line, or a mobile number – could have been revealed to an unknown number of individuals. However, Facebook told users that in most cases, they would have known the individual with whom the data were shared.

A Facebook spokesperson said the programming error had existed since last year.

“We have already notified our regulators in the US, Canada and Europe, and we are in the process of notifying affected users via email,” Facebook said in a blog post late Friday.

The company said it was “embarrassed” by the security lapse, and vowed to “work doubly hard to make sure nothing like this happens again.”

The bug was actually located by a so-called “White Hat” security researcher, as opposed to Facebook’s internal staff.  Facebook said it “paid out a bug bounty to thank him for his efforts.” The company wouldn’t disclose the exact amount paid out, but a spokesperson said the rewards are at least $500. Companies are increasingly relying on “good hackers” to find security flaws before more nefarious individuals access them.

Facebook said the tool has been fixed and there is “no evidence that this bug has been exploited maliciously.” The Menlo Park, Calif-based company also noted that no financial information or other contact details were revealed.

The company’s shares traded lower by less than 1% in extended trading.

Facebook Bug Exposes Info on 6M Users | Fox Business.

Was I Just Ahead Of My Time, The World Is Awakening

I’m seeing more and more evidence of the world slowly, but surely awakening to the errors we have made as a race.

For so long now the human race have been so fixated on the progression in mankind that we almost forgot the most basics of our existence, living life itself. We fight wars for our planets resources killing literally millions just on a government’s say so. I use the term “we”, because we are all apart of it whether we like it or not.

Lately though, I’ve noticed more and more comments with people being fed up on “rulers”, we are seeing the reality in what these political parties are controlling in the background and not just what they want us to see.

At the end of the day, these government members are just mere humans that will put their family first, that will safeguard their own futures before anyone elses. It’s just “human nature” I guess. The little man will always be, the little man with the way this world is.

What this world needs is one race, the Human race, regardless of colour, regardless of belief, we need to learn to accept each other for who we are. But most importantly, we need to teach our children to love and respect each other, there is no one better, there is no one beneath us. We are all equal.

I have trouble understanding why people are starving, dying of illnesses in “3rd world countries” when there are governments spending billions on wars that no one really wants, sending things into space, just to see what’s there, when we have so many issues on earth. Spend the money digging some wells. Or better still, just use the technology we have to help those in need, what the hell is money when it comes to our existence anyway?.  Another thing I don’t understand is how a country can close off borders. Who gives them the right to own that land over anyone else? If people want to enter a country and improve their lives in an honourable way, then that should be their choice, not the governments.

There’s so much political bullshit in the world it will eventually destroy the human existence as we once knew it, slowly, but surely.. The human race just needs to learn to share what we have. It’s really that simple. The only way the world will be at peace is for every race to teach our children to show love and respect to people of every kind and to pass that down to their children. And of course our mother earth herself.

I’m starting to see hope in our world more and more lately, people are starting to speak out more, news is spreading faster. We are getting fed up with our politics, I can see a change coming to the world.. We still have a chance, we’re not completely doomed, …. yet.

Hey, I may be a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us.. and the world can live as one.

Peace out guys, Dazz.