Unconscious Chicken Farming: The “humane” alternative to factory chicken farming

unconcious chicken farmingThis is just beyond freaky. I’m all for technology, but this has a bit of a Frankenstein touch to the process.

Unconscious Chicken Farming: This could be an upcoming “humane” alternative to the current method of factory chicken farming.

Here’s how it works: Chickens are placed in “a massive steel frame that would contain up to 1,000 birds. In it the chickens are completely immobilized—their feet are removed (to save space), and the birds receive food, water and oxygen through an intricate network of tubes. In order to eliminate the suffering that chickens would face under such conditions, Ford proposes that the birds’ cerebral cortex be removed, leaving the brain stem (and key homeostatic functions) intact. The chickens would continue to grow, but would basically spend their lives in a coma.”

Ford asserts his concept isn’t just a bid for attention:

“In the past six years we have witnessed an unprecedented increase in the demand for meat. Higher welfare systems are available, but this project looks at addressing the inherent problems with the dominant system that produces the majority of our meat—the system that will be increasingly relied upon… We do not, and cannot, provide adequate welfare for those agricultural products and therefore welfare should be removed entirely.”

Currently, about 95 percent of broiler chickens produced in the U.S.—about 8.44 billion birds annually—are raised in commercial farms, which frequently consist of dark sheds where thousands of animals are packed together ingesting ammonia fumes in extreme temperatures. The animals are bred to grow quickly, which often leads to heart and lung troubles, as well as crippling leg deformities. Compassion in World Farming estimates that tens of millions of birds die before slaughter from heart failure, disease, or injury during transport.

Ford is not the first to propose extreme measures in light of our unrelenting demand. Agribusiness “philosopher” Paul Thompson has suggested breeding blind broilers, since studies show that they respond better to the stress of packed sheds.

“There are numerous differences between the current dominant production systems and the one I am proposing,” Ford told Wired UK,“but the fundamental difference is the removal of suffering. Whether what I am proposing is an appropriate means to achieve the removal of suffering is open to interpretation.”


Reform sentencing laws to curb alcohol-fueled violence in Australia

Violence is not acceptable in Australia, Period!!  Do we still have neanderthals walking among us, Baboons walking around beating on their chests? no, we freaking don’t!

Seriously people, take a good look around at the world..

Do You Seriously Want Australia To End Up This Way?


Please sign the petition below to help reform the laws on alcohol violence in Australia & violence on our streets full stop!

We’d prepared ourselves for this kind of news, but it still came as a shock.

On New Year’s Eve, in almost exactly the same spot in King’s Cross where our beloved son Tom was killed, another young man had fallen victim to the rage of alcohol-fueled violence.

A single punch. Another young man fighting for his life. Another family distraught and torn apart. When is this going to end?

Our hearts go out to the family of young Daniel Christie. No-one outside the family can really understand the pain they are going through right now.

Police allege that Daniel’s attacker had drunk eight beers and a glass of wine beforehand and that he was already on a good behaviour bond for assault.

Because someone has been charged, we can’t comment more on this particular case right now. But we know that something has to change. Too many lives are being taken from us. The toll is mounting, and the Government is far too slow to act.

Just a few days after Kieran Loveridge was sentenced to a miserly four years jail for killing Tom, we started a petition at change.org/thomaskelly calling for minimum sentencing laws in cases of manslaughter.

More than 23,000 people have already signed our petition and we’ve had some encouraging signs from the Government.

And while we are still determined to see changes to minimum sentencing laws in cases of manslaughter, it’s clear that more needs to be done to tackle the spiralling issue of alcohol-fuelled violence.

In particular, we need laws that will send a strong message to young people and the community in general that alcohol abuse and excessive drinking should not serve as an excuse for violence. Right now, the law doesn’t do that.

Too often, criminals are using excessive drinking as an excuse for their behaviour.

We need to turn this around 180 degrees. The central plank of our new proposal to the NSW Government is to increase the penalties for any crime committed whilst affected by alcohol or drugs.

Recently, accompanied by leading Sydney lawyer Alexander Street SC, we met with Attorney-General Mr Greg Smith to propose three key areas of reform to the NSW Sentencing Act.

The three additions that we have proposed to the Attorney General – now reflected in our updated change.org/thomaskelly petition – are:

1. Any crimes committed whilst affected by alcohol or drugs are identified as a “mandatory aggravating factor” that must be taken into account on sentencing.

This will serve to send the right messaging of the primary role that alcohol plays in violence and crimes within NSW and require sentences to reflect this aggravating feature.

2. The aggravating factor of “conditional liberty” expanded to any “good behaviour bond”.

This will tackle the issue of repeat offenders.

3. Youth and the inability of a victim to defend themselves as being aggravating factors that must be taken into account.

This would help stop attacks on the most defenceless and vulnerable in our society.

We have asked the NSW Government to incorporate these three key elements into the Act.   Importantly these additions would be incorporated within all areas of criminal activity, including domestic violence and sexual assault.

Right now, our sentencing laws are completely out of sync with public sentiment.  18 months ago we lost Tom. 3 days ago, another family’s boy was attacked. Until something changes, the only thing we can be sure of is that there will be more.

Social and behavioural change only occurs when we stand up as one and demand that change happens.

Now is that time.

Time to say that we’re fed up with the culture of excessive drinking.

Time to say that we’re fed up with violence on our streets, fuelled by rampant alcohol abuse.

Please sign our petition on change.org/thomaskelly and share it with friends and family. Together, we can do this.  Thank you.

Ralph and Kathy Kelly

Happy New Year 2014, Family, Friends and Foe.

happy new year 2014Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to 2014, I hope that last step didn’t trip you up. 2014 looks to be a better year for the world as a whole.

Several years ago, I looked upon the world and saw just greed, anger and conflict, the world had become so fixated with moving forward, they forgot about the presence, I mean the immediate effect the world population has been inflicting on itself all in the name of progress while forgetting the most important, most precious thing we could ever embrace. Our planet Earth.

I’ve noticed over the last couple of years, people are opening their eyes, people are seeing the rapid destruction of our shiny blue planet, Earth. People are starting to speak out and no longer turn a blind eye to what’s going on around them. Any person with even just an ounce of sense knows if we continue to abuse, alter and try to control the only existing planet with know to sustain life, she will eventually fail us.

Let 2014 be a cleaner year, a fresher year, a natural year. Fresh ideas, cleaner ideas. We need to put our faith back into our planet, she’s sustained life for millions of years, yet man has tried to conquer and alter her since the day he could walk. Try and think green for 2014 and let’s get the world smiling again, and that goes out to everyone!

making it happen