I Am Free To Be Me, And I’m Quite Awesome..

I ventured out this weekend for the first time in many years (5? 6??) and met up with an old friend from my younger days. We talked for hours on end and I felt that relaxed that I had forgotten all about my teeth and the now “slight lisp”.. My speech was improving by the minute.

I’m so happy to have met up with someone I knew would still take me at face value as they always had. I can’t thank you enough for helping me over step this hurdle just by being there. I look forward to many more to come.

I Am Free To Be Me!
and I’m quite awesome..

dirtydazz on the market


To top off a great weekend, I had my Daughter, Bianca randomly call around this afternoon and kicked back with me for a few hours. We just kicked back on my bed chatting and listening to music. I felt a real connection with her today, it was great!.. Yes, she is whacked like me.. lol.

bianca windowlicker


Life’s sure on the turn around, thinking less of the recent stress, learning to ignore the tantrums and demands of knowing what I’m doing. I think I’m becoming a better person for it. I believe we have a lesson with each life experience. I know mine was to believe that I can be loved for who I am. Because, if I don’t think I’m worthy of love, there’s no way I will believe that someone else can generally give me theirs. I had basically been taught how I acted in passed relationships. Delusional… But, it’s all so easy to let ones mind…… wander into the abyss..

Till next time..


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