Blogging And Mental Illness: Getting Shit Off Your Chest

It’s probably seen as risky business blogging your life away while trying to manage depression, anxiety and what not.. and it is. I know I’ve shown a lot of emotion on this blog, some not so nice. I’ve lost and gained friends, I’ve even connected with people experiencing similar situations or who are offering advice. So to me, it all even’s itself out in that respect.

It takes a lot of pushing for me to fire up, but I know once I do I often let all pistons fire at once and sometimes regret things I’ve said. This part of blogging I don’t like, because it’s all too easy to just let your anger fly and hit enter and before you even realise what you’ve done, it’s splashed over several social media sites, thousands of subscribers and then more. I really have to keep that part of me in line, or better still, keep away from the people who bring that side of me out in the open. I really am a nice guy. šŸ˜€

Am I emotionally unstable? fuck yeah, but I’ve never hidden that fact to anyone, sometimes it’s even not by choice. I’m learning to accept who I am more everyday, I don’t always like it, but I’m beginning to understand people more and more.

I still believe I’mĀ broken/lost, I just feel I’m wanderingĀ around in a fucked up world of hate, corruption and disregard to human life. This is not where I belong.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for today.

/Peace out!


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