THE PAIN, THE DARKNESS: Poetry: Darryl Mouzone

It’s what I deserve
As the darkness consumes me
As I scream for a rescue that will never come
But it’s my fault, I brought myself here
And this is my eternal punishment
But I brought it all upon myself
And I have no one to blame but me
It hurts so much, the painful truth
But I deserve this, the darkness is my home
There is no way out
The king of a lonely world where I can’t be touched
Because everything I touch turns to ruin
It’s poisoned by the darkness I hold
So I can’t be loved
Although I want to be
This curse I live with will never go away
And I wish I could touch the sun
Feel its warmth
But I never will
I’m sorry for what I have become
But I never wanted this to happen
It’s too late for me, the darkness is here forever
And so is the pain that comes along with it
But I’m used to it now, because it’s what I deserve
As I silently mourn the death of the light inside
The darkness has consumed me
The darkness has consumed me.

-2014 Darryl Mouzone

i deserve to suffer


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