Depression Questionnaire


NOTE: You may find it useful to print out this questionnaire, complete it and bring it to your psychologist or doctor.

Answer the following questions based on how you, or someone close to you, have felt most of
the time over the past 2 weeks. Answer as quickly as you can, so you do not become confused by
conflicting thoughts.

For most of the time over the past two weeks ………… 

1. Have you had trouble keeping your mind on things you were reading, or watching on television? YES NO

2. Have you had more trouble with your memory than usual? YES NO

3. Have you feeling unusually tired all the time? YES NO

4. Have you found it hard to enjoy life? YES NO

5. Have you had a lot of different physical symptoms or unusual pains? YES NO

6. Have you been feeling emotionally numb, not caring, sad, unhappy or miserable? YES NO

7. Have you been feeling more pessimistic or negative than usual? YES NO

8. Have you lost interest or enjoyment in the things you normally do? YES NO

9. Have you been less motivated, less productive, or found it more difficult to cope than usual? YES NO

10. Have you been sleeping worse than usual? YES NO

11. Have you been less interested in talking to people or mixing with people than usual? YES NO

12. Have you been more worried, nervous or uptight than usual? YES NO

13. Have you been more easily tearful, or crying more than usual? YES NO

14. Have you enjoyed your food less than usual? YES NO

15. Has your sexual interest been less than usual? YES NO

16. Have you been less self-confident than usual? YES NO

17. Have you been more anxious, nervous or worried than usual? YES NO

18. Have you been more easily annoyed or more impatient than usual? YES NO

19. Has life seemed meaningless? YES NO

20. Has dying looked like a good option? YES NO

RESULT: Answering ‘Yes’ to more than 2 or 3 questions suggests you could have depression. Answering ‘Yes” to lots of the questions makes it increasingly likely you do have depression, the illness that can cause lots of suffering for you (and lots of worry for those close to you) but the illness can be very effectively wiped out.